Sitka Deer Hunting

Sitka Blacktail Deer are native to the wet, coastal rain forests of S.E. Alaska but were transplanted to the lighter rainfall area of the Kodiak & Afognak Islands circa 1930. They are smaller & stockier with a shorter face than other members of the black-tail group. Typical bucks range from 120# to 220#. Normal antler development is 3-4 points/side with very few scoring more than 110 points in Boone & Crockett record book.

With the first heavy frost, many deer in the high alpine and sub-alpine descend to the upper forests. With snowfall, usually in November & December, they move down to the coastal fringe and beaches. Rut occurs during late November.

The season is between August 1 and December 31, but the best hunting is during November and December. You are allowed 3 Deer per hunter and they can be hunted at the same time as Elk, Bear and Ducks. We suggest at least a 4-day hunt but you are welcome to come for any length of time.

Guided Deer hunts include all first-class accommodations, meals & all-day guiding from a cabin-cruiser.

Unguided Deer hunts include all first-class accommodations & meals, with morning drop-offs & evening pickups, in productive areas. A packed-lunch is prepared for your backpack, we give you an overview of area via maps and, for your safety, we provide a hand-held 2-way VHF radio.

Sitka Deer Hunts
(guided, semi-guided, unguided*):

(1) Season: August 1 through December 31
(2) Limit: 3 deer/hunter/year

Guided Hunts  $900/day/hunter *

Semi-Guided Hunts  $650/day/hunter *

Unguided Deer Hunts   $450/day/hunter *

Additional Costs – Deer Tag: Non-Resident – $300 / Alien – $400

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