• main lodge exterior
  • main lodge exterior
  • Dining table for 12 with entree and side dishes.
  • Aerial view of Afognak Lodge
  • View of lakes and mountains
  • Aerial view of Afognak Lodge
  • Cabin 2 exterior wooden bench swing
  • Aerial view of Afognak Lodge and Afognak Island.
  • Cabin Cruiser boats docked

Lodge & Cabins


Three husky hand-hewn log guest-cabins are very comfortably furnished. Each cushy guest-cabin has an ample living-room, 2 bedrooms (each with a queen & twin-size bed), a modern bathroom with hot running water and constant electricity- – -sure beats a leaky tent.

Also, a sauna is a welcome option at days end. Your hosts did all the construction from scratch.


Hearty Meals are served family-style in the main lodge, with some lunches either aboard the cabin-cruisers or custom-prepared for your backpack.


Fast, comfortable cabin-cruisers, with accompanying smaller boats, are perfect for our Kodiak Islands environment and are greatly appreciated by both the rugged hunter and those who aren’t as rugged as they once were.

You will like our bush- hospitality!

Lodge Amenities

A rifle-range is available for sighting-in your rifle. We can also provide firearms, at no charge, for our hunters to avoid the airlines hassle. Reliable satellite TV, phone, FAX, and wireless-Internet services are also available for guest use. Of course, we have appropriate facilities to care for your trophy & meat: meat-poles, butchering equipment, freezers, salt and the required airline-shipping containers. It is ideal for those who want the freedom of wilderness, by day, yet the comforts of home, by night.

Additionally, if desired, the city of Kodiak has professional butchers to finely-process your meat into sausage, etc. and we can recommend outstanding taxidermists.