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Elk Hunting


Roosevelt Elk originated from a transplant of 8 calves captured on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington state in 1928 and moved to Afognak Island in 1929. They are larger, slightly darker in color and have shorter, less symmetrical yet more massive antlers than the Rocky Mountain elk found east of the Cascade Mountains in Canada and USA.

Bull elk on Afognak Island are estimated to weigh up to 1,300 pounds.

Cow elk are similar in appearance but are smaller and have no antlers. The rut occurs in September through mid-October.

Afognak Island was originally set aside as a National Forest by President Teddy Roosevelt so it was fitting that the elk named after him would reside in this lush environment.

Elk Hunt Rates – $450/day/hunter *

Additional Costs – Elk Tag: Non-Resident – $600 / Alien – $800

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Elk hunting season is September 25 – November 30, with one Elk/hunter. We suggest a 6-day hunt but more days can be added. Elk hunting season is divided into Permit-Draw and Registration (over the counter pickup) hunts, as follows:

Permit-Draw hunt: September 25 – October 9 AND October 8 – October 22
Reservations should be finalized with us by November 15th and then we take care of the paperwork.

Registration hunt: October 23 – November 30
Reservations can be finalized with us on short notice and you must pickup your permit in Kodiak.