Hunting Trip Rates

Kodiak Brown Bear Hunt $28,000


April 6 – 15

April 16 – 25

April 26 – May 5

May 6 – 15


October 25 – November 3

November 4 – 13

November 14 – 23

Sitka Deer Hunts (guided, semi-guided, unguided*):

(1) Season: August 1 through December 31
(2) Limit: 3 deer/hunter/year

Duck Hunts (guided only):

(1) Season: October 8 through January 26
(2) Limit: varies with species

Roosevelt Elk Hunt Seasons (unguided only):

(1) Permit Draw: September 25 – October 22 (Applications must be into Alaska Fish & Game by the previous November, which is part of our lodge service.)
(2) Registration Hunt: October 23 – November 30 (Over the counter first-come first-served at the Kodiak Fish & Game office.) Currently, these populations are low but recovering at a good pace.
(3) Limit: 1 elk/hunter/year

Hunt Type Rates
Guided Sitka Deer/Duck Hunts $900/day/hunter *
Semi-guided Deer Hunts $650/day/hunter *
Unguided Deer/Elk Hunts $450/day/hunter *
Non-hunters $400/day/person

Many hunters are pleasantly surprised at how comfortable and attractive our facilities are and comment that THIS is a place to which they could bring their spouses… and do. Friends/family enjoy everything you do and are often the ones doing the filming.

Additional Costs Non-resident Alien
Brown Bear Tag $1,000 $1,300
Elk Tag $600 $800
Deer Tag $300 $400
Duck Stamps $300 $400
2 Floatplanes $1,000 $1,000


50% of lodge fees plus 100% of the additional costs are due within 3 weeks after reservation is made.

Cancellation Policy

Full refund is given if cancellation is made 90 days prior to Deer, Duck, and Elk hunts and 6 months prior to drawing-permit Brown Bear Hunts. Otherwise, deposit is forfeited.

If you are successful in drawing a Kodiak Brown Bear permit and then cancel, you have forfeited your deposit. Therefore, it is wise to buy travel insurance, which is available through travel-agents and on the Internet.

If you are not successful in drawing a Brown Bear permit, you can either:

  1. Receive a full refund (except for your hunting license: $160/US residents or $630/aliens)
  2. Wait to see if there is a cancellation so you could move up on the numbered Alternate List
  3. Roll your deposit over and we will reapply for you the next season.

* Guided, Semi-guided, Unguided Hunts:

(a) Guided ($900/day/person): For deer hunting – Guide is exclusively available to hunter one-on-one in the woods, including dressing/skinning/butchering of meat. Many hunters prefer to make their reservation “flexible” with unguided or semi-guided days and the option to have a guided day IF a guide is available.

For fishing and duck hunting – These require “guided” day(s), which will allow you to cover a good bit of territory. The captain/guide is with you all day, fully involved in being successful with your pursuits. You’ll have lunch aboard one of our comfortable catamaran boats.

(b) Semi-guided ($650/day/person): Boat stays with a group all day; guide goes ashore to give directions/pointers to possibly drive deer your way; hunters drag their deer to shore and guide will assist. Hunters and guides all pitch in to dress/skin/butcher meat.

(c) Unguided ($450/day/person): Using a topographic map, guide shows hunters where he’s going to drop them off in mornings, things they’ll likely encounter, and where they should aim to be picked-up about 4:30 – 5:00 p.m. Each are given a hand-held 2-way VHF radio for their safety and packed lunch for their backpacks. Hunters are expected to pack their deer down to the shore and mark it with fluorescent tape, etc (something bright) for boat to pick up in late afternoon. Meanwhile, hunter could continue hunting or ask for an early pick-up. Also, if someone twists an ankle/knee, etc. they can call for an earlier pickup. It’s good to have a compass and a GPS device (Garmin, Rino are what we recommend) with each hunter, if possible. Hunters dress/skin/butcher their own meat.

Unguided hunters should have flashlights, flares, survival gear in their backpack in case they get turned around and spend the night in the woods. This has only happened here twice since 1974; hunters are embarrassed at their unclear thinking… but it does happen.